Technology is tearing my life apart

Living in the first world, I’ve become a beast of burden to a technological enslaver.  Technology has become ubiquitous in my daily life.  I am to blame for this state of being since I have openly invited it in to my daily grind.  My morning coffee, taking the bus to school, and even verifying some information for this blog, it all has some basis in modern technology.  I have recently become frighteningly aware that I am living in a self-imposed cage made of circuits and resistors and I need to start looking for a way out.

Now don’t get me wrong.  Technology has always played a large roll in my happiness and intellectual growth during the first four decades of my life.  However, I’ve noticed a growing trend to isolate myself from life outside my home.  After some careful thought and consideration I’ve come to one conclusion.  Technology is evil.

I am not saying we live in a Tyler Durden type of dystopia where humanity has to be forced back to square one.   We do not need to take up arms against our oppressor and fight for our freedom.  How could we turn back the hands of time without erasing all knowledge?  We can’t erase our minds en masse (although that would be a pretty evil use of technology).  Even without our knowledge of our existing technology, the human race would find a way to create tools and persevere.  In essence, create a new line of technology.

With evil technology in mind, I am going to start looking at anything new that comes across my desk with some skepticism.  I will start asking myself  “Do I really need this?  Will I use it for good or evil?”  I know that taking such a black and white approach is a bit limiting however I am trying to use these questions to help me slow down and redefine my easy-going attitude to technology adoption.

So let’s get to the crux of this blog.  Here’s what I propose.  Every week I will look at one or two pieces of modern technology, do a simple analysis based on my own thoughts and ideas, and determine whether they’d do more harm or good to my life. This will be difficult for me since I have such a great love of tech and how it ticks.

My first comparison will begin next week when I look at the Zebedee 3D Mapping tool and a new tattoo-like skin thermometer.  When you have a moment, take a look at the links and formulate your own opinion on possible uses for daily life.  Check back next week to read my view on these items, and to voice you comments.

Please take into account these are my opinions and not necessarily a true representation of the technologies capabilities and uses.  I in no way endorse the use of any of the items I have mentioned.

Till next week,
A Clockwork Techie


One thought on “Technology is tearing my life apart

  1. “After some careful thought and consideration I’ve come to one conclusion. Technology is evil.”

    Technology itself is neither good nor evil; I would argue that technological advancement is something that we should greatly encourage and continue to invest in. Where we run into problems is we have allowed technology to become so pervasive in our lives. Now, this in and of itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing; the problem, then, is we have allowed it into our lives thoughtlessly.

    “I will look at […] modern technology, do a simple analysis based on my own thoughts and ideas, and determine whether they’d do more harm or good to my life.”

    We have simply welcomed technology into our lives without consideration whether it adds or subtracts value from our lives. In many cases I believe it does add value to our lives, atleast in moderation. Therein also lies the key, we have an unhealth obsession with technology; An addcition to it. And addiction, or obsession, is never healthy whether that addiction be to drugs, alchohol, food, or technology.

    I simply think we need to be more concious and intentional with our adoption and use of technology.

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